Penguin Penalty Recovery Service

First deployed on April 24, 2012, Google Penguin is an algorithmic (automatic) penalty aiming at websites violating Google Webmaster Guidelines mainly by manipulating backlinks. Since that time, there was a number of updates, during which a number of websites were penalised or got out of Penalty.

How to detect Google Penguin penalty

Unlike manual penalty, Penguin is not that obvious to detect. According to Google web-spam team officials, there is no definite way to detect which algorithmic penalty is applied to your website. However, practice shows that there are obvious conditions to be penalised by it such as:

  1. Backlinks from low quality backlinks, that have been built with manipulative intentions
  2. Backlink profile has many links with anchor text commercial keywords
  3. Website suddenly dropped down the search engine rankings
  4. No message about getting manual penalty at Google Webmaster Tool
  5. Rankings and organic traffic drop has happened on the day when Google updated Penguin
  6. While there was a rapid drop in Google, rankings in other search engines such as Bing stayed unchanged

Our proven record of positive results

We make your rankings jump up and back to where they have been before you were hit.

Here are just some of our client’s rankings graphs during the last updates.

Penguin 3.0 — October 18, 2014:

Google Penguin Recovery - 01

Google Penguin Recovery - 02

Google Penguin Recovery - 03

Penguin 3.1 – December 6, 2014:

Google Penguin Recovery - 04

Google Penguin Recovery - 05

Google Penguin Recovery - 06

What do we do to make a recovery?

We do exactly what Google wants you to do to recover from Penguin:


  • We manually review backlink profile combined from multiple sources and find out which links are toxic
  • Use software to contact webmasters to remove toxic links
  • File a disavow to let know Google about the rest of the links


No one can predict when a new Penguin is coming, but the sooner the link-cleaning is done, the more chances there are to get out. Please note that it might need a couple of updates to be all the way out (depends on how many toxic links you had).