Manual link-related Penalty removal

In a majority of situations, you will know that you have manual penalty applied. Google spam team constantly checks high ranking websites and makes sure they fall under Google guidelines. It is believed that any users can report spam, paid links or other sneaky tactics that triggers Google spam team to review your website and issue a penalty if found enough evidence.

Unlike automatically applied algorithmic penalty such as Penguin, Manual penalty is 100% clear to detect and you definitely know that you out as well.


What does it look like?

As mentioned earlier, when you get a manual penalty – you receive a message about it in your mail and in Google  Webmaster Tool site messages tab. In our practice, there have been situations of not getting messages but having a penalty applied, so we recommend checking your manual actions tab in Google Webmaster Tools regularly.

A picture like this:

Manual Penalty Removal WMT

Means that you are okay. Unfortunately anything different then that means you are in trouble:

Manual Action Penalty Removal

Some webmasters don’t take it seriously untill they see significant drop in rankings and organic traffic. It often takes ~1-3 weeks after you get message to see how much exactly you loose.

Hint: There is absolutely no sence in waiting to see what you loose after you get a manual penalty. You have been busted and the faster you take action, the less paintfull the consequences will be.


What to do when you are penalised?

We don’t know of any alternative method of revoking manual penalty, rather then following what Google expects you to do. Even if you stop or turn arround your linkbuilding strategy from creating sneaky links to only natural links – the penalty is there. Only one way out: you need to find out what are your low quality (toxic) links and do whatever is possible to remove them, disavow the rest and ask Google manual team to review your website again and revoke the penalty.

There are a lot of very good examples and guidelines that you can follow to sucessfully lift it:


What happens when penalty is removed?

After link removal took place and reconsideration request filed, it takes arround 2-3 weeks to get a answer from Google. In case of positive result there will be a message like this:

Reconsideration Request Penalty Removal

In ~50-60% of the situations your organic traffic and rankings return in 2-3 days. For the rest of the cases it takes time untill next Penguin update to see it.

And there are different options how you want to organise the removal process: this work can be conducted by internal SEO department, SEO agency or a company specialised on penalty removals like ours.

By hiring LinkMillers you will get high expierience people to handle it – this means less time and more chances for success. And it is much likely that we can to it at less price.