Back Link Removal Service

We offer a link removal as a service. If you know your backlink profile has been effected by low quality links, but there are no direct evidence of being hit by Penguin and you are not effected by manual penalty it is a very good idea to perform backlink clean-up before it happens.


Fighting negative SEO

Unfortunately, there are a lot of cruel competitors and dirty-playing SEO companies out there. They want to use all possible ways to lower down your Google results. While Google is doing its best to fight negative SEO, by now creating low quality links to your site can decrease your rankings.

Performing your backlink audit is the best way to protect yourself – and when you witness spikes of new backlinks in your site explorer tool it is time to be pro-active.

backlink negative SEO removal

The Link Cleaning (or Link Milling)

Modern SEO demands regular backlink audits and clean-ups. Our experience shows that toxic links do continue to appear and there are different reasons to it:

  • Negative SEO
  • Directories parsing each other
  • Old pages with negative links get indexed by Google
  • Websites turn off and turn off, webmasters turn on /off rel = no follow

Making sure that your backlink profile as clean as possible is one very good SEO strategy.


At LinkMillers we do backlink clean-ups every day and we are ready to help ASAP.